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Hey there, welcome to Nicnakknits – your go-to spot for all things cozy in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario!


We're a proudly female-founded and operated business, and our passion lies in crafting the coziest chunky knit blankets you'll ever wrap yourself in.


What sets our blankets apart, you ask? Well, for starters, every single one of them is lovingly hand-knit. We put our heart and soul into each stitch, ensuring not just quality but that warm, fuzzy feeling of a homemade creation.


Our secret ingredient? High-quality 100% polyester chenille yarn. It's not just a fancy term – it means these blankets are built to last. Say goodbye to those pesky pills and pulls that plague lesser blankets. Ours are here for the long haul, ready to snuggle you up for years to come.


But that's not all! We're all about making your life easy, so caring for your blanket is a breeze. Just toss it in the washing machine when needed, and when you're done, lay it flat to dry. No fuss, just pure coziness.


Now, let's talk about style. Our blankets aren't just for keeping warm; they're a statement piece in themselves. They make fantastic decor additions, adding that touch of rustic charm to your space. Whether it's draping them over your couch, tossing them on your bed, or using them as a stunning backdrop for your Instagram-worthy moments, our blankets do it all.


Looking for the perfect gift? You're in luck! Our blankets are the ideal present for housewarmings, baby showers, or any occasion that calls for a warm and heartfelt gesture. They're the kind of gift that wraps your loved ones in comfort and love.


Oh, and speaking of comfort, there's something magical about a weighted blanket, isn't there? Our chunky knits naturally provide that soothing, huggable sensation that can work wonders for your well-being. It's like a warm embrace, giving you a sense of security and coziness that's hard to beat.


So, if you're in the mood for some seriously snuggly goodness, you're in the right place. Explore our collection, pick out your favorite chunky knit, and let Nicnakknits bring warmth and style into your life.



If 2020 Nicole could take a glimpse into where I am today, she'd beam with pride.


Back then, I was knee-deep in healthcare, navigating the challenges of a global pandemic. Meanwhile, my husband embarked on a career change, requiring him to be away for six long months. That meant I was single-handedly raising two little ones while the world faced uncertainty, all while juggling unpredictable shift work on the frontlines. To say those times were tough for my family and me would be an understatement.


Amid the chaos, I stumbled upon finger knitting as my saving grace—an outlet to channel my stress and anxiety. That Christmas, I crafted a chunky knit blanket for my mom, and she fell head over heels. Friends and family soon followed, asking for their own cozy creations. And just like that, in January 2021, Nicnakknits was born.


That year, I decided to dip my toes into the local market scene. I set up shop at nearby markets, eager to introduce myself and my blankets to the community. The feedback was heartwarming, with customers raving about the snugly bliss my blankets brought to their lives (even their furry friends agreed!). I seized every opportunity to attend as many markets as possible and reveled in the experience.


Then came 2022, the year of stepping out of my comfort zone. I took a leap and applied for the Toronto One of a Kind Show. When I received the incredible news that I'd been accepted as an exhibitor (yes, you heard right!), I spent over five months meticulously planning my booth and churning out blankets at warp speed.


I'll be honest; I had my doubts. Would people truly love my creations? Was I worthy of showcasing my work at the largest handmade craft show in North America?


But here's the magic: by the second day of the eleven-day extravaganza, my stock was dwindling, and I was crafting on the spot to meet the soaring demand. By the show's end, I was completely sold out. I was utterly floored. In just eleven days, my life had turned upside down. It hit me—this could be my calling, a career that I genuinely adored.


So, I did it. I bid farewell to my healthcare job and wholeheartedly embraced my business. It still feels surreal, like a dream come true.


Fast forward two incredible years, and this is just the tip of my journey's iceberg. I can hardly wait to discover the countless adventures that await Nicnakknits in the future.



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